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Our auto electricians deliver outstanding service and support at very competitive prices. All of our work is guaranteed and complies with the highest industry standards.

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Our modern world is now so advanced that there should not be hassles when automobile electricals or electronics become faulty and need fixing, or when you need to replace or install automobile electrical appliances. We are up to date with advanced technology to meet your needs.

We are your one-stop shop for everything auto electrics, or you may call it car electrics in Blackburn, Lancashire. Apart from the fact that our training, knowledge and robust experience makes us get the job done professionally, we are your mobile auto electrician, so we take off the hassle of you coming to us – we come to you.

We are your reliable auto electrician in all of Blackburn with Darwen, with different specialties. How? Our team is made of members with highly complementary skills – there is no need cannot meet. You don’t worry which of us to call, just call our phone number or fill the contact form, and depending on your need, we send you the right guy or lady. Be assured that your need gets resolved: you are happy and we are happy. We keep things simple! Life is simple if we want it to be!

All our technicians are trained and certified

Because of the specialist nature of the modern or classic automobile, we have put in the time and effort to acquire the requisite training for professional and efficient service delivery.

20+ years experience

We take pride in our formidable team of auto electricians, each expert in one or more specialties, with a combined experience in excess of 20 years.

Satisfaction guaranteed on every project

Since we love our job and are great at it, your satisfaction comes as a natural result. We will not stop until we meet your need. This is usually easy to do most of the time. Some times, we meet real challenges, yet in those times we excel brilliantly.

Residential, commercial and mobile services

Whether you need an auto electrician in Blackburn for a private car, or a commercial fleet of vehicles or you want us to come to you, we are mobile and versatile to meet your needs.

Modern Car Diagnostics

Your modern car is fitted with an OBD-II port from which data is collated from sensors installed for tracking and measurement of vehicle performance data. We have state-of-the-art OBD-II scanners that help with precise diagnostics. Car diagnostic is not simply plugging and reading off the data from the scanner. Our auto electricians have the experience and expertise in the field to achieve the result you need in accurately interpreting error codes, diagnostic trouble codes and detecting root cause faults.

Engine Warning Light Diagnostics

Failure codes triggering the engine management light could result from engine misfiring, faulty ignition or fuel injection sensors and a host of other possibilities. Count on us, your reliable auto electrician in Blackburn to resolve issues around engine diagnostics.

Dashboard Warning Light Diagnostics

Following up with modern day advances in technology, faults are reported by tyre pressure sensors, wiper sensors, differential pressure sensors, oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensors and many other sensors. Count on us, your trusted auto electrician, to diagnose and resolve auto electrical faults resulting in dashboard warning lights.

Non-starting Car Diagnostics

It a horrible experience to push the start button or turn on the ignition key and not have the engine respond favourably. We always know where to look. We are your go-to auto electrician.

Modern Car Tuning

We work very closely with auto mechanics in the space of the engine tuning. Armed with highly sophisticated diagnostic tools and with a wealth of training and experience, you can trust your car to us for engine tuning.

Engine Management Systems Tuning

Your engine control unit (ECU) could be improved or optimized regularly or when you observe poor performance, and you can go all out to improve degrading engine power. In engine management, electrical issues could be associated with core engine components such as the spark plugs, diesel particulate filter or catalytic converter. We are experts in engine management systems tuning.

Classic Car Diagnostics

Even though you drive a classic car lacking the benefit of the onboard diagnostics electronic design with an intricate network of sensors and signal cables, we have worked with cars over the years and remain your go-to auto electrician even for you classic car diagnostics.

Classic Car Tuning

Alternator performance, kick starter coil performance, distributor performance and a host of other vehicle electrical components require proper setup from time to time to ensure overall optimum performance. We have the expertise to perform tuning of your classic car

Air Conditioning Diagnostics

When it comes to air conditioner diagnostics, we know the pain of a faulty or sub-optimal air conditioning system. We are experienced in diagnosing car air conditioner faults: weak airflow, faulty hoses, failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid, failed blower motor or blower motor resistor, or a host of other issues. We have the expertise. Reach out to us for professional care.

Vehicle Bluetooth Installation

Today, if you can think it, then it can be done. Whether your vehicle has provision for an inbuilt Bluetooth system or not, we are able to re-install, upgrade or modify your system safely and without any adverse impact to accommodate the modern Bluetooth. Why will you drive without a handsfree system today? Please call us.

Handsfree Car Kit Installation

Our team of auto electricians includes fitters for the handsfree car kit. Trust us for the installation of your Bluetooth speakerphone or touchscreen Bluetooth system and contact us.

Vehicle Dash Cam Installation

Whether you need help with the product selection, or you need your vehicle dash cam installation to meet insurance requirements, and installed via the cigarette lighter socket, or OBD cable or hardwired or with a battery pack, consider us your expert go-to auto electrician for the job.

Rear Facing Camera Installation

You need a reversing camera otherwise called backup camera to increase driving convenience and safety. And installation in a car that does not have it pre-installed requires proper product selection and installation via integration to existing vehicle electrical configuration. Contact us to do this for you at competitive price.

Mirror Reverse Camera Installation

If you prefer the mirror reverse camera to other options, we are confident we have the right tools and experience to seamlessly integrate an new installation to your existing car. If you watch us work, you wonder why you did not do it yourself, meanwhile our speed and accuracy is a product of years of training and experience.

Dash Cam Fitting Service

If you have already purchased the dash cam and you just need it to be fitted, contact us and we will arrange for our fitter to get it done for you. Our professional approach ensures your job is neater and more reliable in the long term.

Alarm System Installation

Your car or van requires an alarm that protects against breaking vehicle window or doors and the interior components. We will help with system selection following your specific criteria, including budget, and execute the installation for you are really competitive rates.

Vehicle Security System Installation

A holistic vehicle security system incorporates immobilizers targeted at the fuel pump, ignition and/or starter motor making it practically impossible for a thief to bypass. In addition, the security system incorporates an alarm as second defense layer. There are also options for remote control. We are experts in this space. Contact us.

GPS Tracking System Installation

You want your GPS tracker or vehicle tracker installed? This involves picking the right part of the vehicle for deployment, hard wire installation and tracker configuration. Because we are experts, we get this done for you without hassles. Contact us.

Key Programming

Your car uses transponder key or a remote car key fob that cannot be duplicated without programming because modern car lock systems have complex electronic systems for added security? Excellent. Your “auto electrician near me” is truly near you to get the job done. Contact us now.

Immobilizer Programming

With an integrated immobilizer, the modern car key not only uses electronics for access to doors, but also for access to the ignition system. We have the right equipment, tools and software to meet your programming needs. Call us today.

Air Conditioning Repair

Following our excellent diagnostic service, we are able to advise on parts that require replacement, if any, order them in your behalf if you prefer, and fix or replace damaged components as necessary. We are the experts. Contact us now.

Car Alternator Repair

Following detailed diagnostics, there may be issues with the vehicle alternator requiring alternator rebuilding or coil rewinding, or any other faults. We are professional auto electricians. Contact us today.

Starter Motor Repair

Like the alternator, diagnostic error code interpretation may lead to discovering a faulty starter motor requiring rebuilding or coil rewinding, or outright replacement and re-installation. We repeatedly claim to be expert auto electricians in the heart of Blackburn. Contact us.

ECU Repair

ECU diagnostics performed due to symptoms such as car engine light always on, engine misfiring or general drop in performance or refusal to start not attributable to any other component problem, reveals need for engine control unit repair. This is a specialist repair you should not rely on trial-and-error technicians for. We are the experts. Call us today.

Car Electric Window Repair

Your car electric window is stuck open or stuck close, and this is most likely a result of failure of the window electric motor, motor fuse, wiring or the drive mechanism. Because we are experts, we will resolve this issue for you. Contact us.

Car Window Control Unit Repair

The fault of the car window could be a faulty control panel. Count on us to fix this. Call us.

Power Window Repair

We are experts in power window regulator repair. We will diagnose and fix any window associated problems. We have encountered cases where faults resulted from inadequate steps to protect electical components during mobile car detailing. Call us today.

Car Lighting Repair

Turn signals, brake lights, dash lights, headlights may develop a fault some time: flickering lights, dim lights, uneven lighting or unresponsive to switches. Our experienced eye and top class diagnostic tools will determine root cause, and we perform the repair of wiring, switches and control relays without hassle. Contact us now.

Soft Top Repair. Folding Roof Repair

When the hydraulic or electrical system of the convertible roof fails, we have the expertise to diagnose root cause and effect repair. Contact us today.

Alarm System Repair

Repair is required when alarm system is not working as intended. And this may require replacing components or reconfiguring system. Rely on us for your repair services. Call us today.

Vehicle Security System Repair

Count on us for the repair when you car security system is not working as intended, when replacing components or reconfiguring system is required. Call us today.

Air Conditioning Service

O-rings and hoses wear out with time and the refrigerant level reduces. These necessitate regular service of the car air conditioning system, at regular intervals or when there is a noticeable drop in cooling performance. There is need for regular visual inspection of components, refrigerant replacement, replacement of cabin filter and disinfection of evaporator. Call us for your service today.

Battery Service

A car battery service includes battery testing to ensure proper performance directly related to protecting the alternator, inspection of battery cables, cleaning and change out as necessary if corrosion damage is observed, among other tasks. Call us, your “auto electrician near me” today.

Car Electric Window Service

Although the car electric window has not broken down yet but is giving signs of faulty, it is good to schedule a car electric window service regularly. This is usually performed with the biennial vehicle checkup, but may be required as a standalone service due to developing faults.

Car Window Control Unit Service

Accumulation of dust and corrosion damage are reasons why the window control panel requires service from time to time. Call us today.

Power Window Service

Power window buttons and drive mechanism may need to be cleaned and lubricated to ensure seamless operation. Call us today.

Soft Top / Folding Roof Service

Panels need cleaning, drive mechanisms need lubricating: important actions for maintaining optimal operation of the roof system.

Alarm System Replacement and Upgrade
  • Vehicle tracker replacement
  • Remote start system replacement
  • Car alarm replacement
  • GPS tracker replacement
  • Car immobilizer replacement
Car Audio, Car Stereo Replacement and Upgrade
  • Bluetooth system replacement
  • Car stereo replacement
  • Digital media receiver replacement
Car Entertainment System and Upgrade
  • FM transmitter replacement
  • In-car DVD player replacement
  • Car speaker replacement
  • Car subwoofer and amplifier replacement
  • Smartphone receiver replacement
Handsfree Car Kit Replacement
  • Bluetooth FM transmitter replacement
  • Bluetooth car speakerphone replacement
Head Screens Replacement
  • Head Up Display Replacement
Starter Motor Replacement
  • Starter motor replacement
  • Starter solenoid replacement
  • Starter gear replacement
Parking Sensors Replacement
  • Front parking sensor replacement
  • Reverse parking sensor replacement
  • Parking sensor radar system replacement
Car fuses replacement
  • Blade fuses replacement
  • Glass fuses replacement
  • Mini blade fuses replacement
Car Light Bulb Replacement
  • Car LED bulbs replacement
  • Car Xenon High Intensity Discharge bulbs replacement
  • Car halogen bulbs replacement
Battery Replacement
  • Lead acid battery replacement
  • Calcium battery replacement
  • Silver battery replacement
  • AGM battery replacement

Common Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or call us at 0161-524-7700.

What does an auto electrician do?

Auto electricians, short for automotive electricians are trained and experienced in diagnosis of electrical and electronics faults in an automobile usually with the aid of electrical and computer-based devices. They also are versatile in the service, repair and installation of electrical and electronic devices in automobiles such as cars, trucks, vans, caravans, trailers, and agricultural equipment.

How much do auto electricians charge?

There is a wide variety of auto electrical services offered by auto electricians, from simple diagnostics to servicing, repair and installation. As such, pricing varies widely. However, we boast service offering at the most competitive prices.

What tools do auto electricians use?

Some tools are as follows:

  • Professional code reader
  • Digital multimeter
  • Test light
  • Circuit Tester
  • Programmer Monitor
  • Wire crimping tool. Wire stripper tool
  • Hardware set

What causes electrical problems in a car?

There are myriad of root causes. The most common are faulty wires (corrosion damage, etc), a dying battery, bad alternator, short-circuit, blown fuse, and stuck relay switches. Your auto electrician has the requisite training and experience to diagnose problems for repair resolution.

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