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We are your trusted auto electrician in Blackburn. We offer a range of services, and specifically repair of components and systems for cars from any manufacturer to suit every budget!

We offer services around auto electrical repair. With any vehicle security system repair you need done – our expert technicians have skills with everything from dimming lights to early warning systems – call us for all of your auto electrical needs.

In performing car electrical repair, our auto electrician will consider the cause of the car electrical component fault, and then use their knowledge to identify which part needs repair. The typical faults we expect are :

  • faulty battery, bad alternator belt or loose alternator pulley.
  • shorted out wiring due to corrosion at the car electrical component terminals and joints.
  • blown fuse in car electrical circuit panel.
  • broken wire in coil pack area that goes to engine control computer (ECU).
Air conditioning system Repair

The vehicle’s air conditioner repair may be necessitated due to a fault in the condenser, compressor or evaporator unit. We perform car electrical repairs on these units by looking at data from our multimeter to see if the wiring is connected and in good shape, and then checking that there’s power being supplied to the unit. There are three main components of a car’s AC that may need to be repaired: compressor, condenser or evaporator. Our auto electrical technicians have solid experience on your car’s AC system or heating and cooling unit. When repairing this system, we first identify the fault which can be found in the car’s electrical circuit. Electrical faults may include a shorted wire or blown fuse. In this case, an electrician will fix it by finding and fixing anything that is causing the issue such as welding on broken wires to reattach them or installing new fuses where needed


Car alternator repair

In order to identify the fault with the alternator, we will determine if it has failed due to a faulty regulator or a shorted diode. To fix this, we will either replace the diode or repair the regulator with a bridge rectifier. We perform repairs on an alternator by using our multimeter to test for voltage output or input from the vehicle battery. If these tests are normal, we will replace the voltage regulator. If a fault is identified in one of these components, it can be repaired with electrical component repair services from your car’s mechanical or automotive electrician.


ECU Repair

Faulty ECU may be caused by shorted circuits or bad connections. This may be due to a defective switch or car wiring harness. The top five main causes of ECU failure are

  • Dead Battery
  • Corrosion
  • Low Voltage
  • Bad Jump Starting
  • Bad Starter

We identify if the fault lies within this unit with an advanced diagnostic test. The car’s engine computer is responsible for regulating and monitoring all of its operations, meaning that any fault with it may cause an issue with other electrical components as well. When the ECU operates properly, it allows fuel to get into engine through the injectors in the right quantity and amounts. When faulty, the ECU may not only affect the engine, but also create issues with a vehicle’s lighting system.


Electric window or electric roof repair

When performing car electric window repair, we access the spare fuse for that circuit inside of the vehicle’s fuse box. This will allow us remove and replace it with a new, unused fuse. If this does not solve the problem we complete fault detection by progressive isolation within the circuit.

With regard to faulty electrical roof control, faults could arise from a broken switch or resistor pack in the car’s electrical circuit.


Alarm system repair

One of the first things we do is inspect to see if anything has been disconnected and reconnected incorrectly, then check to see if there are any loose wires or terminals. We can also check to see if the programming logic requires reconfiguration.
– Car electric window repair: one must access the spare fuse for that circuit inside of the car’s electrical component box.


Vehicle security system repair

Usually the Vehicle Security Systems will require an advanced diagnostic test from the ECU before it is determined where the fault lies. This could be as simple as a loose wire to the ignition or driver’s door lock. The car’s engine needs to be running for this kind of repair. We inspect the alarm light and make sure that it is not on, and then remove any loose or unconnected wires from terminals. If the problem persists then one should inspect for bad ground connections.


GPS tracking system repair

There are three main faults that we can repair with a GPS tracking system: there is no power, the vehicle needs to be running for this kind of fault; the car’s engine is not running; and there are loose or unconnected wires from terminals. Narrowing down to the specific problem is our specialty. Our job looks easy if you watch us do it, but underlying our work is a wealth of great knowledge, expertise and experience.

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