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We are your trusted auto electrician in Blackburn. We offer a range of services, and specifically diagnosis of your vehicle’s faults with precision, and tuning to make sure you are driving the best machine. We are able to do this for cars from any manufacturer to suit every budget!

AUTO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM diagnostics and tuning – we’re experts. We specialize in accurately reviewing your vehicle’s engine or other systems to find the cause of poor performance that requires us to tune.

We are able to diagnose the most complicated electrical system with state of the art tools and equipment. We provide services you can rely on because we work diligently, finding faults and tuning to improve performance- from engines to air filters.

Modern Cars

Modern cars are more complicated than ever, with all sorts of electronics and gadgets. These devices often go wrong and require diagnostics to diagnose the problem. Modern car diagnostic methods can be split into two categories:

live data analysis (measuring variables like voltage, amperage, fuel trim)

scan tool (a computerized device that communicates with engine modules)

Diagnostics is the process of identifying what a problem in an automobile’s engine or transmission system may be by using sensors and controls to decide whether or not a fault has occurred in one particular system, such as the engine or transmission, and responds by changing settings accordingly. Different types of automobiles require different diagnostic procedures according to their year model and type (e.g., cars, movers or trucks). Data analytics is useful when diagnosing electrical problems such as engine misfire. This involves the use of a scan tool to monitor signals from sensors, controllers and other electronic components in the car’s computer system at different speeds for evidence of malfunction or degraded performance. These tests are similar to those used on aircraft electronics during flight. Our auto electricians handle this with expertise.

Diagnostics and tuning of an automobile is a complex process that is performed by our experienced technicians. The specific diagnostic procedure for cars, movers, or trucks will depend upon the type of electrical/electronic system which needs to be repaired. Electrical and electronic systems in trucks differ from cars in that they are much more complex. Truck electrical systems usually supply power to the entire vehicle and accessories such as air conditioning, refrigeration units, winches, garbage compactors etc.

We are proficient in handling all UK vehicle models such as BMW, Ford or Audi, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat.

We provide diagnostic testing and tuning for:

cars with electronic engine management systems (EMS)

classic cars without an EMS system

mover trucks with diesel engines that have electronic injection systems

Modern cars have more complex electrical systems than older models of automobiles which makes diagnosing problems much more difficult without specialist knowledge. Modern cars are electric and use computer controlled engines. In modern cars, there is a large increase in the number of
engine sensors
microprocessors for ABS braking systems
electronic controls for many other vehicle subsystems like the air conditioning, fuel injection systems and ignition timing.

The modern car has several electrical and electronic components. These include the
air conditioning
vehicle power supply system
climate control electronics
on-board computer.

Modern automobiles have been designed to work on their own without human intervention but when some sort of problem does crop up we need to diagnose. In diagnosing faults with the engine, the car’s electronic control module offers the first line of defense. The computer gathers information from sensors and controls to decide whether or not a fault has occurred in one particular system, such as the engine or transmission, and responds by changing settings accordingly.

  • Once we diagnose an electrical problems with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, our auto electricians will be able to make repairs on your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
  • The vehicle air conditioning system diagnostics entails a number of tests, including a pressure check for refrigerant leakage and air flow through the condenser.
  • Malfunction of electrical components such as lights, turn signal flashers or windshield wipers. Diagnostics of these faults entails a number of tests, such as checking for voltage and resistance readings.
  • Checking connections on the compressor clutch electrical connector.
  • Measuring resistance across connectors on the compressor clutch solenoid valve (a solenoid is an electrically controlled electromagnet).
  • Diagnostics of malfunctioning electrical components like lights, turn signal flashers or windshield wipers; these faults can be detected with various diagnostic procedures including voltage measurements and resistivity checks.
  • Troubleshooting engine warning light issues like ABS brakes system failure diagnosis for example.

Car Electrical Fault Diagnosis

Electrical faults in the vehicle power supply system can occur the alternator, starter and battery.

  • Air conditioning fault diagnostics
  • ABS brakes system diagnostic testing which involves connecting a data acquisition and analysis system to the car.
  • Correction for faulty electrical connections within wiring harnesses which may cause problems such as no start condition when sections become corroded over time
  • Diagnosing original equipment manufacturer computer based malfunctions & updates. Software update downloads available on web site provide OEM support updated information about cars, trucks and buses manufactured by specific

Malfunctioning can occur in the sensors such as the

  • Oxygen sensor
  • engine temperature sensor
  • throttle position sensor
  • security system
  • anti-lock braking
  • cruise control.

These sensors can malfunction due to a number of reasons such as high voltage in the sensor or low voltage at its input terminals.

Malfunctioning of the EMS engine management system can also produce various warnings. These include the engine diagnostic trouble code, a check-engine light and an MIL malfunction indicator lamp.

Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) diagnostic. The MIL tells you that there’s something wrong with your engine and it might be serious enough to stop driving altogether. Our experienced auto electrician will check the codes using top class OBDII scanners. Diagnostics and tuning of a car is generally required when the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) malfunctions or an error code has been detected in the system. A modern car usually displays such errors through its on-board computer system which may also provide additional information about the fault location(s).

The engine warning lights should not always be taken at face value when they illuminate as one indicator may come on before another depending on the current problem. When either the check-engine lamps or trouble codes appear in modern automobiles then diagnostics must be done with care so that we do not cause further damage to any other part of our vehicle while trying to repair it.

Diagnostics Tools

Some of the diagnostics tools we use include

  • multimeter to measure voltage and resistance
  • Autoscanner for component testing
  • OBD scanner (On Board Diagnostics)
  • Uploader for uploading the car data into a PC
  • Diagnostic computer software.

These tools help us to identify the cause of malfunction in electrical systems that are difficult or expensive to diagnose with other methods. Automobile diagnostic toolbox contains the following items:

Classic Car Electrics

In England, Classic cars can be found in the following models:

  • Austin Healey Sprite
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Morris Minor 1000
  • Bugatti Type 57
  • Maserati Quattroporte III
  • Mercedes-Benz W126 S Class
  • Alvis TD21
  • Bentley S
  • Cadillac El Dorado

Classic automobile diagnostic work includes

  • installing points and condenser coils on an old mechanical distributor ignition system;
  • replacing iridium spark plugs in the old electronic ignition systems but missing one coil wire connection between them (the result is a no start condition);
  • repairing “bad” starters by cleaning ground connections under car battery terminals where corrosion had built up over time;
  • identifying what causes intermittent starter motor operation problems when the starter solenoid terminal is near the battery cable and it may be corroded
  • Troubleshooting with a test light or voltmeter to identify open circuits, shorted wires, poor connections which could cause electrical problems in an automobile like: car won’t start; lights coming on but not staying lit; dim headlights when driving at night because taillights are out (the result of a burned-out fuse);
  • A/C system issues such as loss of refrigerant from compressor that will also show up as leak detection.

When diagnostics is required in a classic car, we check the engine warning light functionality by first turning on electrical power to the vehicle’s battery with an ignition switch or key-less remote control transmitter; any failures are evident from illuminated lamp failure codes such as if there is no illumination at all for this indicator that means it has failed and needs replacement (some models have two lamps).

Modern Car Tuning

One of these cars may require periodic tuning of its engine management system (EMS). We achieve tuning using specially designed computerized diagnostic equipment which evaluates performance parameters over several cycles with changes made to various settings until optimal setting are obtained.

Engine Management System (EMS) tuning entails which includes various parameters such as aftermarket tune controller, intake manifold pressure tester, vacuum line leaks checker, air cleaner foam thickness meter, etcetera.

Our auto electricians will work tirelessly to determine whether or not you are experiencing an electrical problem with your car’s system that would require tuning in order to solve it. Tuning is a process by which we improve how efficiently your vehicle uses fuel and reduces emissions from engine combustion gases.

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