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Possessing the best car diagnostic tool wtith efficient and effective car diagnostic software, our car diagnotic test on your vehicle yields remarkable results!

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Car Electrical Fault Diagnosis

The car power supply system can have electrical faults happen in the alternator, starter and battery.

  • Diagnostics for air conditioning faults
  • Diagnostic testing for ABS brakes system which entails connecting a data acquisition and analysis system to the car.
  • Correcting faulty electrical couplings inside wiring harnesses which may give rise to problems such as no start condition when sections become worn out over time
  • Original equipment manufacturer diagnostics and computer based defects & updates. Software updates offer OEM support with updated information about cars, buses and trucks by specific manufacturers.

Sensors could malfunction in ways such as

  • Oxygen sensor malfunction
  • engine temperature sensor malfunction
  • malfunctioning of throttle position sensor
  • security system malfunction
  • anti-lock braking issues
  • cruise control malfunction

These sensors can develop defects due to several reasons, like the sensor having high voltage or its input terminals having low voltage.

Engine Management System (EMS) malfunction can also generate a number of various warnings. These include, but are not limited to, the engine diagnostic trouble code, a check-engine indicator light and a malfunction indicator lamp(MIL).

Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) diagnostics: The MIL lets you know that there is something not right with your engine and it might be so serious you would be required to stop driving entirely. Our auto electrician experts will scan the codes using world class OBDII scanners.

Running diagnostics and tuning of a vehicle is normally necessary when the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) acts faulty or an error code displays in the system. A present-day automobile normally shows such error codes through its on-board computer system which may give more details, particularly about the fault location(s).

You should not always disregard the engine warning lights when they illuminate, as one indicator may light up before the other depending on the current problem. When the check-engine lights or the trouble codes come on in modern automobiles, it simply means diagnostics must be done carefully so that we do not cause further damage to any other part of our vehicle while trying to fix it.

Diagnostics Tools

We use some diagnostics tools, they include

  • a multimeter for voltage and resistance measurement
  • an Autoscanner used for component testing
  • an OBD scanner (On Board Diagnostics)
  • an Uploader for uploading details of the car into a PC
  • Diagnostic computer software used for detecting anomalies.

These tools aid us in identifying the reason for malfunction in electrical systems that are not easy or quite costly to diagnose with other methods. An automobile toolbox for diagnostics contain the following items:

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