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The following are the various types of vehicles manufactured by Ford.

  • Ford Fiesta:1992 Present
  • Ford Probe:1993 1997
  • Ford Scorpio / Granada:1987 1993
  • Fordship Taurus/LTD Crown Victoria
  • Police Interceptor (PPI): 1991 – 2007, 2010+ police service package car club sedan conversion
  • 2012–present fleet vehicle for taxi or ambulance duty.

Ford automobiles have their own set of electrical faults that are typically common to the manufacturer but can also be specific to the model and year manufactured. The following list provides a guide on how you could identify symptoms and causes behind these vehicle electrical problems together with some advice on possible repairs that might help fix any issues your vehicle may have with its electronics.


Electrical Fault Of Ford Cars

Some of the Ford auto electrical issues we are experienced in handling are as follows:

  • Fuses blown that could be caused by faulty battery
  • Faulty starter, electrical wiring, connectors or switches.
  • A faulty alternator that could be caused by faulty battery, faulty starter or electrical wiring.
  • A failed voltage regulator that could be caused by a blown fuse, low charge in the battery and
  • Faulty electronic ignition system that could be caused by faulty starter solenoid.
  • Poor engine performance that could be caused by an overheated engine (coolant), faulty battery or
  • Bad fuel economy that could be caused by faulty spark plugs, a faulty distributor cap and rotor
  • Sputtering caused by dirty fuel injectors.
  • Erratic vehicle speeds which can be fixed with new spark plugs and gaskets for the cylinder head cover, along with a check of your battery’s voltage levels in some cases.
  • Faulty distribution cables that may need to be replaced as they are failing due to corrosion from salt water on car electrics wiring systems near oceans or other freshwater sources like rivers and lakes.
  • The circuit breaker could be faulty and need replacing. If there are no current problems, it is recommended to change the part when necessary to prevent future electrical faults from happening as a result of wear and tear on the vehicle’s wiring system.
  • With an intermittent issue at hand, you may also have some corrosion around your car battery terminals which should be cleaned off with distilled water in order to stop any further accumulation that might eventually cause a short or fire hazard. A simple way to tell if this is indeed the case would be if all other electrical accessories continue functioning properly while only one stops working suddenly without warning before restarting back up again after being left turned off for a short time.


Common Vehicle Electrical Repairs for Ford Vehicles

  • Replace faulty fuse with high amp one (this is the most common way of fixing an issue) and if it still won’t work, check wiring connections or starter motor.
  • Check window switches by checking power windows in different positions; make sure there’s no debris blocking wires from moving smoothly through channels under door panels/hoods which could cause binding and refuse to operate properly. We replace any broken pieces as needed then test again before allowing customers to leave premises!
  • When dealing with rear wiper not working: Remove blade first can be bent during installation when mounting arm was not positioned at right angle, then it’s possible the arm can bind against body when blade turns and cause motor to overheat. (This is a common issue on cars with rear wiper installation in different locations from driver side check for binding before replacing switch!)
  • When dealing with unresponsive turn signal, we can check to make sure there isn’t any power going through wire connection or that they weren’t shorted out by road debris, damaged during car wash/service work etc. If both headlights are not working: replace headlight flasher relay inside fusebox casing.
  • Replacing broken tail lights with new ones.
  • Fixing any defects in headlights so they work correctly again.
  • Repairing door locks if you have problems unlocking them.
  • Repairing car alarms if they malfunction or go off constantly.
  • Replacing power window motors.
  • Repairing car alarm sensor that is not working properly.
  • Fixing problems with the heating and air conditioning system, such as replacing a faulty compressor to ensure your air conditioner works its best in hot weather.

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