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Possessing the best car diagnostic tool wtith efficient and effective car diagnostic software, our car diagnotic test on your vehicle yields remarkable results!

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Classic Car Electrics

In England you can find Classic cars in the following models:

  • Austin Healey Sprites
  • Bentley Mulsannes
  • Morris Minor 1000s
  • Bugatti Type 57s
  • Cadillac ElDorado
  • Mercedes-Benz W126 S Class vehicle
  • Alvis TD21 car
  • Bentley S car
  • Maserati Quattroporte III

Classic automobile diagnostic work include the following

  • installation of points and condenser coils on old mechanical distributor ignition systems;
    replacement of iridium spark plugs in old electronic ignition systems but missing one coil wire connection between them (the result is a no start condition);
  • repair of “faulty” starters by properly cleaning base couplings under car battery terminals where degradation had built up over time;
    identifying what could be the cause of intermittent starter motor operation problems when the terminal for the starter solenoid is near the battery cable and it may be eroded
  • checking with a test light or voltmeter for open circuits, shorted wires and bad connections which could lead to electrical problems in an automobile. Problems like car not starting; lights coming on but not staying on; dim or low headlights when driving at night since tail lights are out (as a result of a burned-out fuse);
  • A/C system faults like refrigerant loss from compressors that will also show up as leak detection.

When we need to do diagnostics in a classic car, we test the functionality of the engine warning light by first turning on electrical power to the vehicle’s battery with an ignition key or sometimes a keyless remote control transmitter; any errors are obvious from lightened lamp error codes like no glow at all for this indicator which shows that it has failed and requires replacement (there are some car models with two lamps).

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