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Vans are car-derived vehicles that are large enough to be used for commercial and personal (car) transportation. They typically have an interior volume of at least 150 cubic meters from the ground up, including seats and cargo space inside. Vans can also come in different shapes and sizes such as a small panel van or a long wheelbase van with side windows called “minibus”. The engine of a van differs from a regular car car. It is a car that was built for transporting people and goods.

The difference between the electrical system of a van and the electrical system of a car is as follows:

  • A car has an alternator with one or two (depending on the type) stator poles, while a van has three or more; a van has three or more because it has a heavier electrical load to power.
  • The car battery is in the front for easy access, while it’s under the passenger seats in a van; also, some vans don’t have batteries at all and rely on an external charger to charge them from outside when needed.
  • In most cars the battery is located under the passenger seat and can be accessed by removing several bolts from that area of the car; which may not exist in vans. The batteries for these vehicles are often mounted within reach but behind a firewall (a partition separating engine compartment). Battery repair involves to remove this part first then replace it again after finishing repairs.

Other differences between the electrical system of a car and the electrical system of a van is as follows

  • The car’s electrical system is usually simpler than that of a van and may not need any additional components to work;
  • In most cases, battery cables are shorter on cars as well.


Van Electrical Faults and Electrical Repairs

The following are some common types of auto electrical faults for vans:

  • Replacing a blown out fuse on the van’s dash.
  • Fixing faulty wiring that runs to security lights, window motors and power windows. In these cases, you might need an expert because it is tricky to replace just one wire without disrupting other parts in this vehicle system. The wires can be very tight and difficult to access which means it will take longer than usual so make sure your customer knows what they’re getting into before agreeing to do any work like this no matter how small the job seems at first glance!
  • Headlights aren’t working because they’re not getting power check that all light bulbs are securely connected at both ends before jumping in, if this does not work please call us on the number below.
  • If your van won’t start it’s likely to be either due to a flat battery or faulty starter motor you can jumpstart a vehicle with another car’s good battery by connecting them together using jumper leads (provided) but make sure there is enough charge for both cars first!
  • Faulty wiring on a van’s engine management system could lead to an intermittent lack of power, poor performance and difficulty starting the vehicle. Replacing this part would be costly but fixing it might not be too difficult for a qualified mechanic.
  • Replacing broken tail lights with new ones.
  • Fixing any defects in headlights so they work correctly again.
  • Repairing door locks if you have problems unlocking them.

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