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Driving Enhancements

Vehicle Dash Cam Installation
Rear Facing Camera Installation
Mirror Reverse Camera Installation
Dash Cam Fitting Service

Entertainment System

Vehicle Bluetooth Installation
Handsfree Car Kit Installation

Security Systems

Alarm System Installation
Vehicle Security System Installation
GPS Tracking System Installation
Key Programming
Immobilizer Programming

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We are your trusted auto electrician in Blackburn. We offer a range of services, and specifically installation of components and systems for cars from any manufacturer to suit every budget!

Do you want to upgrade your car’s factory-installed components, or do you just need a replacement for an existing component? Our auto electricians are specialists, ready to get this done for you.

What type of electrical upgrade is possible? There are several types of upgrades that can be made, from a simple stereo with speakers and amplifier, all the way up to an electric drivetrain conversion for high performance cars. The type of upgrade you want will depend on how much time and money you have available. For most people, it’ll be easier and cheaper just to install a new stereo if they’re not interested in converting their vehicle over entirely. If they do want to convert their vehicle over entirely, then there are many options depending on what type of use you plan for your car.

Components in your car we can install are:

  • Bluetooth installation
  • Dash cam installation
  • Rear facing camera installation
  • Alarm system installation
  • Vehicle security system (VSS) installation.
  • GPS tracking system and key programming available as well!
  • Immobilizer programming
  • Gauge installation (fuel and coolant gauges)
  • Wireless remote start system. Remote activation available!

Bluetooth Installation

Bluetooth in your car will allow you to wirelessly control the stereo as well as other features without having to use a phone or take out your device while driving. It also allows passengers in the backseat of a vehicle to make calls on their cell phones while still being handsfree, keeping safety measures up at all times. This is one of the most popular electronics that people install into cars these days because it’s safer than using handheld devices. The installation may entail bringing your car to our shop and having a radio installed with Bluetooth, as well as an antenna for optimal reception. A bluetooth installation is possible on vehicles that have Bluetooth capabilities, where you simply turn off the radio system, take out the old one and put in a new auto electrician-selected radio system with built-in Bluetooth enabled technology. We install your bluetooth by making sure you have a car-sized antenna on the roof of your vehicle to ensure that we get better reception.


Dash cam installation

Dash cams are very popular now days in all types of vehicles. It’s suggested that you install one. These come in most helpful when in any accident or incident as events will be recorded on your cameras and can provide evidence if need be. A dash cam is usually mounted under the windshield near the rear view mirror and has a battery backup which allows it to continue recording even after power loss from accidents or incidents. Prior to installing a dash cam for you, our auto electricians will consider your vehicle make and model to see if the dash cam will be a good fit for your car or needs to be installed in another location. A dashboard cam can be installed if you already have one integrated into your current stereo system by simply turning off the radio system, removing any existing auto electronics from its housing and installing a new pre-selected model along with sensors as well as additional wiring.


Rear facing camera installation

In car electrical installation, it is important to consider having a backup camera in case of emergency and for safety measures. The installation entails bringing the car in for auto electrician service and have us install a radar detector with rear-facing cameras as well as an immobilizer system that prevents theft by automatically shutting off the engine when jolted or if someone tries to break into your vehicle. This camera is now popular because of its usefulness in driving situations. The rear camera is positioned in the center of your vehicle and films everything behind you, so it’s a great tool for driving at night when visibility is limited or as an extra means of defense against any aggressive drivers on the road. We install your rear facing camera by drilling a hole in the rear bumper of your vehicle and running the camera wire into the cabin. Once installed, you can control it with a button hidden on any area of the interior or exteriors of your car (usually by your shifter).


Alarm system installation

An alarm system will alert both pedestrians and law enforcement officials that there has been a theft attempt while also scaring off potential thieves with its high pitch noise which can be heard up to 300 feet away from the car. In addition, this security measure prevents break-ins by keeping out anyone who doesn’t have permission to enter your vehicle including children too young to unlock doors themselves. To make sure these systems work effectively just prior to installing them we will make sure you have a good battery in your car, or that the wires are long enough to reach an outlet.


Vehicle security system (VSS) installation

In addition to an alarm system, a VSS will help deter thieves from even trying to steal your vehicle by creating layers of protection. A VSS can be programmed so that the car cannot start without being unlocked first and it also prevents vehicles from being started with switches like jump starters or push starting them.


GPS tracking device installation

If you are concerned about what someone might do with your car while it is parked on any public street then GPS Tracking System Installation is for you! Once installed this tiny tracker will send alerts if anyone tries to move the car when it’s not supposed to, which gives us peace of mind at night knowing our cars are safe no matter where they’re left in town. It is also possible to add GPS tracking systems which allow law enforcement agencies to know where your vehicle is at all times. This can be helpful for people who are on the road a lot and have to leave their car unattended.


Key programming

When installing or upgrading an alarm system, we program keys so that there’s no way someone with stolen key will gain access by smashing in windows like they would with one without programming. We are able to achieve this because modern keys are designed with in-built chips that are programmed using a car key programmer.


Immobilizer programming

Another important feature to look for in an alarm system is immobilizing, which means the engine cannot be started unless you provide a code or use your remote start device. We perform immobilizer programming by encoding the car’s keyless entry remote with a code that will keep thieves out. The codes are only given to authorized personnel, so as long as they’re not able to get the right codes from you then your vehicle is protected by this type of security device.


Gauge installation (fuel and coolant gauges)

Electrical or electronic gauges in your car or truck include the gas gauge, coolant gauge, and oil pressure gauge. These gauges are typically mounted in the cluster of instruments on your dashboard, and may also include an odometer to indicate miles traveled. In installing or upgrading these, we consider how the gauges will be visible to you while driving. We can upgrade a traditional dial gauge to an electronic display that may include digital readouts.


Wireless remote start system

Remote activation available! We are able to configure wireless remote start system in your vehicle. Our installation process starts by installing the remote control transmitter inside your vehicle on the driver’s side dashboard where it can easily be seen and reached. The next task in the wireless remote start system installation is the programming of the system. For the programming of your wireless remote start system, we will send a signal to the system through our diagnostic tool and it is programmed automatically.

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