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Diagnostics. Tuning.

  • Modern Car Diagnostics
  • Engine Warning Light Diagnostics
  • Dashboard Warning Light Diagnostics
  • Non-starting Car Diagnostics
  • Modern Car Tuning
  • Engine Management Systems Tuning
  • Classic Car Diagnostics
  • Classic Car Tuning
  • Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Your modern car has its own computer system. Inside your control panel are sensors for measuring how well you’re driving and the condition of various parts in your engine. When things go wrong, our auto electricians have a way to find out what’s going on under the hood without even opening it up

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  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Battery Service
  • Vehicle Electric Window Service
  • VehicleWindow Control Unit Service
  • Power Window Service
  • Soft Top Roof / Folding Roof Service

We know you’re busy and that’s why we offer a service to help keep your car running like new. Our A/C system experts will inspect and service you vehicle electrical systems, including air conditioning. Plus all repairs are covered by warranty so there is no risk when it comes to getting professional air conditioning services from us! We do not hesitate to provide this written guarantee of quality workmanship in every repair we do.

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  • Vehicle Bluetooth Installation
  • Handsfree Car Kit Installation
  • Vehicle Dash Cam Installation
  • Rear Facing Camera Installation
  • Mirror Reverse Camera Installation
  • Dash Cam Fitting Service
  • Alarm System Installation
  • Vehicle Security System Installation
  • GPS Tracking System Installation
  • Key Programming
  • Immobilizer Programming

A reversing camera is a must-have for any driver. It’s not only useful in making sure you can see what’s behind your vehicle, but it also makes parking much easier by ensuring there are no obstructions to the rear of vehicles. The installation process can be fairly simple and straightforward if done properly – so don’t hesitate!

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Appliance Replacement

  • Alarm Systems
  • Vehicle Audio, Car Stereo
  • Vehicle Entertainment System
  • Handsfree Car Kits
  • Headrest Screens
  • Starter Motor Replacement

Do you want your car to have the latest and greatest in audio, entertainment or security? We’re here for you. With a wide range of services from Alarm System Replacement to Car Entertainment Systems we are sure that there is something just right for every customer’s needs.

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  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Car Alternator Repair
  • Starter Motor Repair
  • ECU Repair
  • Vehicle Electric Window Repair
  • Vehicle Window Control Unit Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • Car Lighting Repair
  • Soft Top Repair. Folding Roof Repair
  • Alarm System Repair
  • Vehicle Security System Repair

Car engine light always on? Engine misfiring or general drop in performance? Refusal to start not attributable to any other component problem, perhaps the ECU is failing. Unfortunately it’s a specialist repair you really don’t want trial-and-error technicians doing for you and we can do that with our expert knowledge!

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Parts Replacement

    • Parking Sensors Replacement
    • Vehicle Fuses Replacement
    • Vehicle Light Bulb Replacement
    • Battery Replacement

    We have the parts knowledge to help you identify, replace or repair your car’s needs. With access to a wide variety of automotive supplies, our auto electricians can get started on any job right away!

    We’re able to help with components for cars with minor maintenance issues such as fuses, light bulbs, brake pads and new batteries too!


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    We are your trusted auto electrician in Blackburn. We offer a range of services, including diagnostics and repairs for cars from any manufacturer to suit every budget!

    When you need to know the status of your car or effect an installation, upgrade, service or repair, there’s only one name in Blackburn now: Kwalite Auto Repair Services. We offer a variety of services and products at competitive rates for any vehicle electrical repair needs; call us today!

    Mobile Car Electrician Blackburn

    Precautions are necessary while our mobile car electricians work to avoid short circuits. Other reasons for caution in car electrical installation include the possibility that the car may have a computer system or other electronic components which could be affected by any electrical power surges.

    • The first thing we do is make sure that there aren’t any wires near where we will need access inside the vehicle. 
    • We also make sure to disconnect the battery from the vehicle. 
    • We make sure that we don’t need to disturb any other electrical connections and moving the vehicle away from anything wired such as a garage door opener or car alarm. 
    • We never leave a tool where someone could trip over and hurt themselves, also make sure to wear safety glasses when hammering metal parts.

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